Each time I visit the southwest, I never cease to be amazed and inspired by the color and magic I encounter. One of my favorite spots is Canyon De Chelly. Here are a few photos from my trip a few years ago and recent work inspired by it.I am intrigued by the marks left behind by ancient people who once lived there. In the 2nd photo are 3 marks that I am most drawn to: a circles-in-circles glyph, a 4-way glyph, and a scorpion. I am told that the circles represent the start of a journey, and the 4-way glyph, a turning point. In my other (art) blog, I explored imagery related to these fundamental archetypes - the journey and the turning point: The Wheel ImagesWhirl GlyphGlyph 5EquilibriumInterlocking WorldsShield, and Mishepeshu, among others.


dia sobin

K., So happy to find this blog; I wondered what you'd been up to and where you'd been! The photos in this post are absolutely gorgeous (wish I was there)... and so are your amazing creations - the colors are perfect!Best to you (and Starry Road Studio) always,D


Thank you Dia! So good to hear from you! :)

dia sobin

Actually, K., you know what these canyon-inspired colors really remind me of? The colors of Mars! :-)D


Me too! Shhhhh!

dia sobin

Hmmm... okay, I'll say no more... but, those hearts... How did that song go again? "I left my heart in Chryse Planitia"?;-)


Beautiful pieces inspired by the canyon! I, too, love Canyon de's much more accessible than the Grand Canyon, less pollution/haze, and better to get photographs of because of that. I just love the's been awhile and I need to get back there soon! Love your blog and love your work. It's inspirational!


Thank you Cindy!

Michael Fallon

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