Halloween / Day of the Dead Blog Hop

So....Diana Ptaszynski decided to host a Day of the Dead and Halloween Blog Hop.

She announced it on her blog last month.. And since I have not made jewelry since FOREVER ago, I jumped in, thinking this would be a good kickstart to getting back into the jewelry-making groove.First, I needed a Day of the Dead focal. I had nothing in my bead collection and because I had gotten very busy with studio construction and a trunk show in Rochester NY, I ended up with very little time to make anything. So I needed to go shopping. The very first person I thought of was Staci Smith. I love her Day of the Dead bronze focals. Thank goodness she had at least one left, which I promptly snatched up and which she immediately shipped to me! Yay Staci!Almost as soon as I got it, I started thinking about the style I wanted to design in. I definitely wanted a tribal / indigenous feel with LOT's of color. I have a wonderful collection of small czech seed beads that remind me of african and indian beads. Once I started pulling them out I knew I was on the right track. I added a bit of black chain I had been saving, one of my rustic ancient blue grotto gears along with a chestnut brown stick toggle, some gorgeous sky blue beads by Shannon German (Missficklemedia), and a stone textured black Wing Ding by Genea Crivello-Knable.

That's it! Hope you enjoyed my little creation - feels good to be making jewelry again!
Be sure to check out all the other blogs participating in the  Halloween / Day of the Dead Blog Hop!


Niky Sayers

I love this bracelet, beautifully designed with fantastic components!

Stories They Tell

Wow, Karen-- really nice work! Those elements came together beautifully. Good to see you designing jewelry again.

Loris Glassworks

OMG! I love your bracelet design. The bronze focal bead is fabulous and you've highlighted it beautifully with the other components and art beads. I'd love to wear this piece, it's just my style.Cheers!Lori in Atlanta

Sherri Stokey

GREAT piece - the combination of the "ancient" Czech beads with your gear and Staci's skull is absolutely perfect. I'd swipe that from you in a heartbeat. :)

Diana P.

This just proves that you need to make MORE jewelry! Love it! Thanks for joining!


Oh Karen!!!! If this is the first piece you have made in forever it was truly inspired. I love every part of it!! You girl need to make more jewelry!!!!!


You nailed it! love what you did with it- your clasp is pretty awesome too!


Very nice bracelet and I love Staci's focal! ! Beautiful work ;)Happy halloween and hope you are having fun on this hop ..

Kristi Harrison

Looking fab!! Those colors are awesome and I love anything with dark blue or navy in it! Beautiful!


That is awesome! I love Genea's wing ding in there along with the skull. The black chain is perfect with those beads.


Fabulous piece! It's both beautiful and wicked at the same time. I love all the colorful beads you used.


I love it. Hard to go wrong when you have such lovely components to start with.

Dawn Gallop

Gorgeous bracelet!!! Staci's skulls are calling my name....LOVE! The colors you used are so organic and rustic....perfect! Thanks so much for sharing, it was wonderful to meet you at ArtBliss. Happy Halloween!

diane hawkey

That bracelet rocks! Love it!


I am in love! That bracelet is so perfect.

Joan Miller Porcelain

Love It! Great job!

Hydrangea Hippo - Jennifer Priest

This is gorgeous and I love the creative story behind it.

Karen Totten

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments!

Ann Schroeder

This bracelet is gorgeous - wonderful colors and textures. I love those pieces that make the clasp. And I'm going to have to have one of Staci's bonze sugar skulls. I've seen several during the hop, and they look great in such a variety of pieces!


You really captured the tribal feel and the colors are gorgeous!

Maire of Thistledown

Really like the bracelet, and the colors you used!

Hippie Chick Jewelry & Design

Gorgeous! Love all the rustic elements with the bronze skull...everything came together perfectly!

Jennifer Cameron

It's absolutely gorgeous, Karen!


We both used Staci's sugar skulls, but in completely different ways. That's what I love about blog hops--seeing each person's unique vision take form. I love your bracelet so much. So awesome!


Love it! Love the matte/crusty finished on your pieces and Genea's - adds a old crusty air to the piece. The jewel tones are perfect - colorful but not too much...

Sarajo Wentling

So fabulous! I love the colors and textures you pulled together for this.

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