Gulf Coast Days

In my early childhood, we lived along various places near the Gulf of Mexico (Texas, Louisiana, Southern Georgia - my dad was in the air force so we moved a lot back then). I have fond memories of the ocean and white sandy beaches. So much so, it creeps into my work every now and then in various ocean-themed collections.
I can still smell the sea salt in the air.;-)


Dia Sobin

I can now understand why the Gulf oil spill upset you to the degree that it it did... kind of like having your old back yard turned into a sewage plant.Are you the little babe in the red bathing suit?The colors of your new pieces are summery and dreamy... which reminds me, may the summer solstice sun shine on you!:-)D


Yup that's me sitting on a rock. lol. I'm in a blue suit in the 3rd photo building a canal, to the right of my sister in the striped suit. And yes, the state of our oceans is distressing, to say the least. Happy summer - thank you my friend.

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