June 2013

Rainy Days, Sunny Days

We've had a LOT of rain. And storms. And the occasional outburst of sun. Today is beautiful - sunny and temps in the 70s. Here's a few photos of our place and some things I've been working on this week.
Stormy skies yesterday.
 I stayed indoors, using the rainy time to get studio work done - like last night.
Today I woke up to beautiful crystal blue skies...
...so I opened up all the windows! 
Casey keeping watch (sleepily) from the loft above.
Outside the front door - the big green tarp is covering my slab roller. 
Gotta put that into gear today and get some pendants and connectors made.
Stuff I've been working on...
A new WoolyWire order for Lima Beads - with new packaging!
Coming soon to our WoolyWireEtc etsy shop: Beads for WoolyWire - 
Tube beads to wrap WoolyWire onto to add beautiful color and texture to jewelry designs.
Here's some samples with WoolyWire - I love how these look!
 I spent some time earlier this week photographing beads I made just before moving. Many of these are styles I will be taking to Bead Fest Philly this August, where I will be vending (yay!).
I also made some new things, including OWLS!!! Plus more whales and other goodies...
Little Owlie Beads!
Urchin Blossoms - a new set of beads I'm working on.
That's it in a nutshell - I'm really enjoying being here, even the rainy days. :)

Creation Station

I'm now settled at my home in Western NY. Finally got a temporary studio set up. I will be here until the new studio is built. It is very tranquil and peaceful - I'm loving it.

Spring Palette

I've been playing around with a few new colors for spring offerings... here's a palette sketch. Many of these have already made brief appearances in my shop; a few are new. I'll be exploring/adding more in the coming weeks.